Platform User Terms

Customer service and rights and obligations
  1. Taiwan E-Tong platform (hereinafter referred to as the platform) is a service provided by Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company), including the website of Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd., and any other functions related to the website of Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. , content or application. Whether as a "visitor" (browsing the website of Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd.) or a "member" (registered with Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd.), using the services of Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. means agreeing to abide by the terms of use of the platform (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms"). The term "User" refers to both Visitors and Members.
  2. Users can log in and register as members according to the conditions set by the company before they can use the services of the company's website. When performing member login and registration procedures, please read the relevant precautions carefully, and fill in the necessary fields correctly and enter the necessary items. In addition, users who log in and register as members are deemed to have known and fully agreed to abide by all the provisions of the statute.
  3. Minors under the age of 20 should be accompanied by their parents (or guardians) to read, understand and agree to all the contents of these terms (including future revisions) before they can continue to log in, register and use this service. When users use or continue to use this service, it is presumed that their parents (or guardians) have read, understood and agreed to accept all the current content of this agreement and its subsequent revisions.
  4. The company reserves the right to terminate the member account service for any user who violates the law, fails to follow the agreement between the two parties, or maliciously abuses the service rights.
  5. The company has the right to modify the content of this clause at any time in the future based on the need, and can notify members of the modified content by email, telephone, catalog, communication network, online announcement or other appropriate methods.
  6. When the company needs to notify members of relevant information in order to provide services, it can do so through any of the contact methods retained by members. If there is any change in the contact information of members, they should update the information at any time by logging in to the website, calling notifications, etc. to maintain the accuracy of the information. If the message delivered by the company cannot be accepted due to your information error, expiration or other reasons not attributable to the company, it is still deemed that the company has completed the service of the notice.
  7. Both members and the company agree to use electronic documents as a method of expressing their will
Customer account, password and security
  1. Users who agree to abide by this agreement and apply for membership, please read the relevant precautions carefully, and will be eligible for membership after completing the required login and registration procedures. In addition, those who have been disqualified from membership in the past and those who have been judged inappropriate by the company may not be able to apply for membership.
  2. Member accounts and passwords should be kept safe and kept confidential by members themselves, and passwords should be changed regularly to avoid being known by others. When the member account number and password entered in accordance with the prescribed method are consistent with the login and registration information, whether entered by the member himself or not, it is deemed to be used by the member himself, and the member shall be responsible in accordance with the law.
  3. If a member finds or suspects that a third party is using his customer account or password, he should notify the company immediately, and the company will immediately suspend the processing and subsequent use of transactions generated by the account after learning about it. However, the member shall not be exempted from the legal responsibilities that should be borne by the law before the notification.
  4. The company may terminate the member's account in response to legal requirements or in line with the principle of good faith, and remove any content related to the account from the platform, or take other necessary measures. The company terminates the account because it determines that there is or reasonably suspects that the member account includes but is not limited to the following situations: (1) not logging in to the member account for a long time; (2) violating the terms of this service; (3) having multiple user accounts ;(4) The payment is seized by the court or the prosecutor order; (5) The user submits false identity authentication information, which is verified to be true; (6) Abuse of discount codes (including but not limited to selling discount codes to third parties, abnormal or excessive use of discount codes on this site). If members use their accounts for fraud, harassment, defamation, threats, insults or other illegal purposes, we may report to law enforcement agencies without notifying you.
Customer transactions
  1. The user agrees to place an order and conduct transactions in accordance with the mechanism provided by this platform to confirm the type, quantity and price of the product. The product name, price, content, specification, model and other relevant information presented on the product transaction page are the sole responsibility of the user and the company. Part of the contract is concluded, but the completion of the order does not mean that the contract is established (regardless of the link, instruction or button clicked by the user, including but not limited to "order sent", "payment completed", "transaction completed" or Other similar text; any e-mail or similar notice about confirming the order information is the acceptance confirmation of the order received by this platform, and it is by no means a commitment to the order), if the transaction conditions are wrong, the product is out of stock, If the service cannot be provided or there are other legitimate reasons, the company reserves the right to refuse the transaction. If the payment has been made, the company will refund the full amount to the account designated by the member within 10 working days.
  2. The company will make reasonable commercial efforts to provide the most suitable descriptions and information on the products and services displayed on this platform, but you need to understand that the company cannot guarantee the timeliness, completeness, consistency and correctness of the store information on the platform , especially the inventory quantity, price and delivery date of goods and services, are still subject to the actual situation. The user agrees that if the price of the goods and/or services in the store on this platform is obviously suspected to be wrong for consumers who have conducted the same or similar transactions and have knowledge or experience, the company shall have the right to right to cancel the order and refund the payment made.
  3. Except for other express indications on this platform, the prices marked on this platform do not include the freight, goods taxes, government fees, etc. The effective price shall prevail.
  4. The company will make reasonable commercial efforts to deliver the goods and/or services on the shipping notice issued by this platform to the place designated by the user within the reasonably expected delivery period, and agree to remote areas, weather, traffic or special festivals, etc. Factors that may cause uncertainty in on-time delivery may cause the company to delay the completion of logistics delivery. The directors, managers, employees, agents, partners, suppliers and licensors of the company, its affiliates and others do not therefore bear no liability for any damages.
  5. This platform provides a variety of payment mechanisms, please refer to the "Shopping Questions" of the Frequently Asked Questions.
  6. According to Article 19, Item 1 of the Consumer Protection Law: "Consumers of communication transactions or access transactions may, within seven days after receiving the goods or services, terminate the contract by returning the goods or giving a written notice, without explaining the reasons and bearing any responsibility. Fees or consideration.” If the product ordered by the user is defective, the company will arrange a replacement, and if there is no replacement product, the return service will be carried out, and the subsequent shipping costs will be borne by the company. Once the product is unpacked, it cannot be returned. When returning the product, it should be returned together with the invoice and the documents required by relevant laws and regulations such as signed discount form; otherwise, the company has the right to refuse to accept the refund request. If you need to return other products, please refer to the "Return and Exchange Questions" of the Frequently Asked Questions on the company's website.
  7. For special product categories such as pre-ordered products and group-buying products, please read the product description and delivery time carefully. Before placing an order, please confirm that the contact information in the member account is correct.
  8. When the order contains physical goods, the platform needs to confirm the completion of the return before proceeding with the refund operation. The refund will adopt different processing procedures according to the payment method. When paying by cash type, such as direct debit, ATM transfer and supermarket code, you can choose to refund to the member's exclusive shopping gold or deduct the amount of the handling fee to the designated account; if you use online credit card or Pi wallet to pay, the order will be traded Refund operations shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations of the issuing agency.
  9. The usage method of shopping credit on this platform is the same as cash, there is no expiration date limit, and it can be used in combination with other discounts. It can be used on the checkout page, and its use priority is higher than other discount calculation rules.
Course Rights and Obligations
  1. The course content purchased by a member on this platform is only available for that single member to watch within the agreed period, and any form of public sharing and public screening is strictly prohibited. If a member violates the above regulations, this platform has the right to stop the user service and take action against its infringement The damage caused by the behavior will bring a lawsuit, and the violating member may be required to compensate for the punitive damages multiplied by 1000 times the unit price of the course.
  2. The quality of the course content displayed on the Service may be affected by various factors, such as the user's location, available bandwidth and/or network connection speed. All network-related connection quality is determined by the user. Consult the network provider for information on network data that may apply.
  3. Any course service, the content expressed by the lecturer does not represent the position of the company. By using the Service, users may be exposed to content that they personally find offensive, indecent or objectionable. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, the platform is not responsible for blocking such content, nor is it responsible for the behavior of users accessing or registering for any courses.
  4. Users are not allowed to download, reproduce, publicly transmit, resell, publicly broadcast, share or use the courses on this platform. Users who violate the aforementioned provisions will bear all legal responsibilities arising from the infringement.
  5. If the course cannot be held due to force majeure or reasons not attributable to the platform, the platform shall notify the user in an announcement and explain the reason when it knows that the course cannot be held, and the user may refund the fee according to the regulations.
Customer Privacy Protection
  1. For personal information provided by members when they register or use the services of this platform, the company handles personal information in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" announced on the website.
Intellectual property rights
  1. The software or programs used on this platform, all content presented on the website and related materials (including but not limited to graphics, trademarks, logos, website architecture, composition of website screens, web design, etc.) are legally authorized by the group or other rights holders. Owns its intellectual property rights (including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets, etc.); no one may use, modify, reproduce, distribute, interpret or de-interpret restoration projects without authorization.
Service paused

In order to be able to provide services in good condition at any time, the company performs routine relocation, replacement, upgrade, backup, maintenance or maintenance of related software and hardware system equipment according to the announcement; or there is an emergency maintenance demand; or due to sudden accidents Cause system equipment failure; or when the service content operation is hindered due to the overload of the system; when the service is interrupted or stopped due to natural disasters or other force majeure factors; the company may take interruption without prior notice or announcement or stop providing some or all of the services and other necessary measures.

Validity, interpretation, question consultation and applicable law of this clause
  1. The company may, at its own discretion, appropriately change or abolish some or all of the service items, and publish them on the website of the terms of use of the platform without separate notice.
  2. The company reserves the right to modify these terms and the usage specifications or agreements at any time. Amendments to the terms and supplements to the rules and conditions will be published on the service announcement page without separate notice, and will take effect immediately upon publication on the website. Users who continue to use the service after the amendments to the provisions are deemed to be The revised statute has been agreed.
  3. In the terms of this contract, if all or part of any clause is invalid, it will not affect the validity of other agreements.
  4. If there is any doubt about the terms of this contract, it will be interpreted in favor of the customer.
  5. If customers have any questions about the service, they can consult through the customer service mailbox.
  6. The relationship of rights and obligations between the customer and the company shall be handled in accordance with the Internet norms and the interpretation of laws and regulations of the Republic of China, regulations, and practices. If any statements and terms of the company are not perfect, we will discuss the solution with the utmost sincerity and in accordance with the principles of good faith, equality and mutual benefit.