Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the privacy of members and follows the provisions of the "Personal Data Protection Law", so it has formulated a privacy protection policy. You can refer to the content of the privacy protection policy below.

【Privacy Policy】

You are very welcome to the "Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. website" (hereinafter referred to as this website), in order to allow you to use the services and information on this website with peace of mind, hereby explain to you the privacy protection policy of this website to protect you Please read the following carefully:

【I. Scope of application of privacy protection policy】

Privacy protection policy content, including how this website handles personally identifiable information collected when you use website services. The privacy protection policy does not apply to related linked websites other than this website, nor does it apply to personnel who are not entrusted or participate in the management of this website.

【2. Security of personal information】

Protecting the personal privacy of members is an important business philosophy of Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. Without the consent of members, we will never provide the personal information of members to any third party that has nothing to do with the services of this shopping website. Members should properly keep their network passwords and personal information confidential, and do not provide any personal information, especially network passwords, to anyone. After using the various service functions provided by the website of Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd., please remember to log out of the account. If you share the computer with others or use a public computer, please remember to close the browser window.

【3. Collection, processing and utilization of personal data】

The personal data obtained by the relevant websites of Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. are only used within Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. in accordance with the originally stated purpose and scope of use. Unless stated in advance or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will not provide the information to a third party, or transfer it for other purposes

  • Purpose of collection:
    The purpose of collection is to carry out marketing business, consumer, customer management and service, online shopping and other e-commerce services and survey, statistics and research analysis (statutory specific purpose item number is 040, 090, 148 , 157). Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. will collect personal information through the process of becoming a member or conducting transactions.
  • Categories of Personal Data Collected:
    1. The personal information collected by Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. on the website includes,C001 Individual identification: such as member's name, address, telephone number, email and other information.
    2. C002 Financial identification: such as credit card or financial institution account information.
    3. C011 Personal description: For example: gender, date of birth, etc.
  • Use period, area, object and method
    1. Period: until the date when the member party requests to stop using or Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. stops providing services.
    2. Region: Members' personal data will be used in Taiwan.
    3. Objects and methods of use: In addition to the member management and customer management search and query functions of Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd., the personal information collected by members will also be used for identification, cash flow services, logistics services, and marketing Guang Xuan et al. An example is as follows:
      a. When using various services provided by Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. as a member, the member information will be automatically displayed on the page.
      b.To carry out transactions: when members make reservations, place bids, purchases, participate in rewards, etc., or engage in other transactions for commodities or services, about commodity delivery, labor service provision, price payment, reply to customer inquiries, Uniglife Biomed Inquiries from members, relevant after-sales services and other necessary services for the exchange.
      c.Advertisement or marketing, etc.: Provide members with various e-magazines and other information, and provide service-related information through email, mail, telephone, etc. Personalize the content or advertisements browsed by members according to the customer's personal attributes or purchase records, browsing records of the website of Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd., etc., for personalization, analysis of members' use of services, development of new services or existing services improvement etc. Contact members with opinions on polls, activities, message boards, etc., or other service-related matters.
      d.Reply to customer inquiries: respond to inquiries from members to Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. via email, mail, fax, telephone or any other direct or indirect contact methods
      e.Others: When providing individual services, personal data may also be used in addition to the above-mentioned methods of use. At this time, the gist of the individual services will be stated on the page of the individual services. Or when exercising and asserting the rights of this platform according to law (such as attack defense in litigation), it may also be used in ways other than the above-mentioned methods of use. If there is any use other than the purpose of collection, your consent will also be obtained. If all or part of the business of this platform is acquired or merged by another company, we may transfer your personal data to that company. If this happens, the platform will notify you before your personal data is transferred and a different privacy policy will apply.
      f.Other business incidental matters: the use necessary to provide services for Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. incidental to the purposes of use in a to d. above.
  • Members' rights regarding personal data:
    The parties who collect personal data from Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. can exercise the following rights to Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law:
    1. Inquiries or requests for viewing.
    2. Request system for copy.
    3. Request for addition or correction.
    4. Request to stop collection, processing or use.
    5. Request to delete.
    If members want to exercise the above rights, they can contact the customer service of Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. to apply.
【4. Data Protection】

The host of this platform is equipped with security protection measures. The platform and your personal data adopt strict protection measures. Only authorized personnel can access your personal data. Will be subject to relevant legal sanctions. However, while we strive to protect your personal information, you should be aware that when messages are sent over the Internet, whether by e-mail or using one of our on-line forms, it is not necessarily safe from interception. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for these interceptions and cannot guarantee the security of these messages.

【5. Ways to Inquire or Correct Personal Information】

Members can contact the customer service center when they need to inquire and read, make a copy, supplement or correct, stop computer processing and use, or delete their personal data, and Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. will handle it promptly.

【6. External links of the platform】

This platform provides links to other websites, and you can also click to enter other websites through the links provided by this platform. However, the linked website does not apply to the privacy protection policy of this website, and you must refer to the privacy protection policy in the linked website.

【7. Use of Cookies】

In order to provide you with the best service, this platform will place and use our cookies in your computer, if you do not want to accept the writing of cookies. You can set the privacy level to high in the function item of the browser you use, and you can refuse to write cookies, but it may cause some functions of the platform to be unable to perform normally. For instructions on how to handle and delete cookies, please consult the "Help" option in your browser.

【8. Amendment of Privacy Policy and Exercise of Rights of Parties】

As the market environment changes, the company will revise the website policy from time to time. If members have any questions about the website privacy statement of Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd., or related matters related to personal data, they can contact the customer service center of Uniglife Biomed Co., Ltd. by email.

【9. The impact of non-provision of personal information on rights and interests】

You can choose whether to provide information and the completeness of the information provided, but when some platform functions, services or activities can only be used based on the information you provide, if you do not provide complete and correct personal information, some platform functions , services or activities may not be available, and the platform service will not be able to accept your application for membership and the qualification to participate in related activities.

【10. Confidentiality】

We are committed to protecting users' personal information, but if you voluntarily disclose or disclose various personal information online, the information may be collected or used by others, such as leaving messages on the platform to discuss information, etc. If it is not due to the negligence of this platform or factors beyond our control that cause others to obtain personal information, we will not be responsible for any guarantees, complaints, or assistance.

【11. Third-Party Analysis Services or Tools】

If this site uses third-party analysis services or tools (such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel), it will be implemented according to the specifications announced by each platform.

【12. Third-Party Analysis Services or Tools】

This platform service has installed the Google Analytics advertising function. This function is only used to analyze the effectiveness of advertising on this platform and optimize the use process. If you want to disable the Google Analytics advertising function, it is recommended that you refer to the method provided by Google to disable the service (please refer to link below。